ian de souza artwork

Artwalk Freo 2017

27 May - 28 May 2017


Discover the magic of colour and artistic creation at Artwalk Freo 2017 on May 27 and 28.

AWF is a Fremantle based artist collective. Over two days the public are offered a unique opportunity to enter the living work spaces of established Fremantle artists Michael Knight, Trevor Richards, Penny Bovell, Ian de Souza, Annette Seeman, John Teschendorff, Eveline Kotai and Jo Darbyshire. Guest artists will also be present - check our FB site and FREMANTLE BE PART OF THE STORY.

This year, the Artwalk Freo circuit covers four kilometers. Enjoy strolling or cycling through the local streetscape as you stop and explore the secret workings of the host artists' home studios. If public transport is your preference, check the services listed on www.artwalkfreo.com getting there. Cars are welcome, but less fun.

Some of the Artwalk Freo studios are works of art themselves. An artist's studio is where all the inspiration, sketches, thoughts and ideas merge to become something wonderful. Visitors will discover how these living spaces relate and intersect with the artists' oeuvre. The inventive process can be a solitary one and people rarely have the opportunity to glimpse inside a working studio and to engage in conversation with the artist. Here's your chance!




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