ian de souza artwork

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6 December - 7 December 2014


Nestled securely in the driveway of his Fremantle home  Ian's new studio is both work area and exhibiting space.  Positioned at the entrance to the property it maintains a separateness from the main living area by small courtyards, reminiscent of the artist's  Asian heritage.

Visitors to the space are intrigued as rarely is one privy to entering an artist's space. A central sliding partition acts as a division between the entry corridor and the private space.  The partition also acts as an easel and can be raised or lowered depending on the size of the work-in-progress canvas.

If you would like to view this space and learn more about the art - please email for an appointment or,  contact Linton and Kay Galleries.   (idesouza@iinet.net.au)



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