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22 July -


In July Ian de Souza visited the Sutra Foundation in Kl to meet Director/Master Ramli Ibrahim.  His aim was to research Odissi, the exquisite Indian classical dance from Odisha, India,  which has stirred the imagination of Malaysians.  Sutra has not only pioneererd the projection of Odissi in Malaysia, but also that of dance as a compelling component of the range of contemporary performing and visual arts.

The young artists in this picture are observing Ian de Souza as he gives a lecture on finding the essence of a composition using  "line".  Their art works are part of LEGACY RECLAIMED, shown at the Sutra Gallery July/August 2012.



  • photo_6.JPG
  • Eight student artists from Odisha india drawing Dancers at Sutra Studio
  • photo_9.JPG
  • Australian artist Ian de Souza with Sutra dancers and visiting students from Odisha India
  • photo.JPG
  • Director Sutra Froundation Ramli Ibrahim - (3rd rt) with student artists Odisha India
  • sutra foundation dancers
  • 2012-08-21-1551DSC_3938.JPG
  • Sutra Foundation amphitheatre performance
  • photo_11.JPG
  • Australian artist Ian de Souza with Odian artists at Sutra Studio
  • photo_8.JPG
  • Australian artist Ian de Souza demonstrating "line"
  • DSC_3919.JPG
  • Presentation at Sutra Foundation "legacy Reclaimed"
  • Datuk Rosaline Ganendra with Dr Soubhagya Pathy and students from Odisha India
  • DSC_3926.JPG
  • Sutra Foundation amphitheatre performance

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