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Archived reflections of 2010 Festival of Fremantle

5 November - 13 November 2010


Drawn Together - the art of life in Fremantle EVENT is a 9 day drawing feast where artists, students and the general public meet and draw.

There is a daily program.  Upstairs in Gallery 4 are LIFE DRAWING SESSIONS 10am - 12.30 and 1pm - 3pm.

Down stairs in Gallery 1 and 2 are scheduled events where body builders, dancers, musicians and singers permit themselves to be the subject on the canvas!   Lectures and films on the subject of the body culture are also scheduled.



  • conception.JPG
  • 'CONCEPTION' - by Tara de la Garza - New York USA
  • 60 ft scroll of Japanese rice paper, painted in a meditative state with a recurring symbol of fertility. This symbol has been distilled from various cultural/historical symbols of fertility such as the Venus of Willendorf, the circle (of life) and the Celtic spiral. The sculptural form is itself a spiral and will be sectioned and distributed as lucky talisman to people who wish to conceive at the conclusion of the show.
  • ..."before I fell pregnant I started to think about all of the women whom I know who have struggled with conception. I am interested in superstition and how to instill my seemingly innate luck into an object that I could distribute to others.
  • ...I wanted to create a symbol that embodied the essence of fertility. I began to paint this symbol with Sumi-e ink on Japanese rice paper. Then I fell pregnant..."
  • DSC_0990.JPG
  • sculpture by Richard Kuhaupt
  • wall art by Ian de Souza
  • DSC_1009.JPG
  • Joanna Robertson from KIDOGO INSTITUTE presenting lecture MUSCULATURE AND HUMAN ANATOMY
  • Moores Gallery 9th Nov DRAWN TOGETHER
  • DSC_1016.JPG
  • Presentation by Herbert Marshall on the way Indiginous artists depict human and spirit form in artwork
  • DSC_1018.JPG
  • Ruth with the Hoops
  • Artist Verena Marmion
  • 2010-11-08-1902DSC_0916.JPG
  • sculpture by Richard Kuhaupt
  • wall art by Ian de Souza
  • DSC_0901.JPG
  • Tara de Paola from sheik to sheik dance school
  • EnsoWorkshopGroupShot.jpg
  • Enso Workshop with Karen Kain
  • The Zen Circle
  • ink on rice paper
  • WetWallCollectively.jpg
  • Wet Wall - Zen Circle with Karen Kain
  • (pictures Karen Kain)
  • SculptureEnsoWall.jpg
  • MARQUETTE sculpture by Toby Bell
  • Enso Circle in background
  • (pic by Karen Kain facilitator)
  • EnsoWall2.jpg
  • Enso Circle workshop
  • Wall at Moores Gallery Henry St Fremantle
  • pic - Karen Kain
  • DSC_0810.JPG
  • meeting of creative minds at the moores post launch
  • 6th Nov
  • CURRENT_4.jpg
  • life drawing gallery 4
  • "ladies in waiting"?
  • 142.JPG
  • Dr Angela McCarthy - Lecturer Theology - School of Theology and Philosophy at UND after the lecture "Embodied in Time: The Body in Christian Art" with program co-ordinator Rosslyn de Souza
  • 7th Nov
  • DSC_0755.JPG
  • Senior students - CLASSICAL DANCE STUDIO pose during exercises at the Moores
  • DSC_3316.jpg
  • Drawn Together - 2010 City of Fremantle Arts Festival poster
  • original work - ink on rice paper commission by City of Fremantle
  • 2010
  • sold

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